What I use on my curls..

The first time I discovered the beautiful brand Renpure I was browsing through the hair products in Tjmaxx. I love Tjmaxx because it sells affordable quality stuff at low prices. As a college student this is the ideal place to visit. The first product I brought from Renpure was the ‘Leave-In Conditioner’ because I wanted to try the product to see

IMG_9538how my hair would react to it. In order to find out if a product works for you, its best to apply the product on clean hair and give it at least 24 hours to see how your hair reacts. Once I realized that the Leave-In conditioner was a great moisturizer for my hair, I went back and purchased other products from the line. I now use only Renpure products on my shampooing days, I’ll explain my other type of washing days in my other posts. First, I start by wetting my hair in the shower. Then, I take about the equivalent

IMG_9537of a quarter of ‘Nourishing Shampoo’ and massage my scalp for about 5 mins. Making sure I get every spot in order to fully clean and nourish my scalp. I also only massage shampoo on my scalp not my ends. Shampooing ends is not something ideal to do because shampoo is too harsh and could over dry ends leading to frizz. Once I rinse the shampoo and let it go through my hair length, I apply the same amount of ‘Nourishing Conditioner,’ on my hair.  I only apply conditioner from the mid-length of my hair to my ends because applying conditioner to the scalp makes the scalp too oily. After rinsing the conditioner, I detangle my hair with a wide-tooth

IMG_9531comb so the conditioner could moisturize every strand. I then rinse my hair and apply a hair mask. After leaving the mask for at least 5 mins I rinse my hair and wrap it in a cotton t-shirt. I take the t-shirt off after a few mins making sure my hair is damp and not wet. I then apply

IMG_9540the ‘Leave-In Conditioner’ evenly throughout my hair making sure I get everything because this is the key moisturizer for when my hair finally dries. Finally, I take about the equivalent of a penny of the styling gel and only apply it to the mid-length of my hair through my ends. I scrunch my hair to add volume, and define my curls more. This is my shampooing & styling routine that I do once a week! Look at the beautiful ingredients this brand contains…



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