Body Scrubs are the key to making skin look more vibrant and youthful. It eliminates dead skin cells through exfoliation and makes it easy for a moisturizer to be absorbed within the skin. This is the body scrub I am currently using. I only use a body scrub every two weeks because I think during summer skin is changing more frequently due to sweat, tanning etc. Using a body scrub too often could lead to dryness, and irritation also this is why I chose to only use it every two weeks. I purchased this body scrub in Tjmaxx, at the same time I purchased my Renpure hair products that I mentioned on my other post. So to get the best results of a body scrub its important you wet your whole body first before applying the body scrub to not irritate the skin. Then, you take a handful of body scrub and massage your skin in circular motions to eliminate dead skin cells, and any dirt within the skin. This scrub when I first tried it I thought it was too dry and needed a bit of oil, so I added coconut oil to it but that is a self preference thing. Always feel free to add additional ingredients that make your skin feel flawless. After massaging my skin with the scrub avoiding my face because I like to use gentle scrubs on my face I rinse off with lukewarm water on the colder side. Finally I pat my skin softly with a towel to dry, then apply a hydrating lotion (‘Hempz Triple Moisture Lotion). Thats it, you have beautiful glowing skin. Let me know how you use your body scrub, or any other methods you use to exfoliate!!


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