Summer Hair Mask..

There are tons of amazing brands out there to pick from, so I know it can be difficult to know which mask to select. Before this I was using ‘Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask’ because it was before I got my dry cut so I needed extra moisture, and hydration due to my dry ends. I used that mask every two weeks because its really nutritiousness so I didn’t want my hair to become oily because of too much conditioning. I then checked out the Shea Moisture’s variety of hair masks because they do have a good bunch, and I must say it was difficult because they all seemed so appealing. However, I was looking for something to hydrate and nourish because I recently decided to leave my hair natural for the rest of the summer. This mask was perfect for what I was looking for because I got it after my dry cut which means my hair was healthy, and glowing. (Wondering what a dry cut is check out my other post) So I decided on this mask for the summer because humidity dries out my curls so I wanted something to balance the

Don’t let your hair go thirsty!

moisture. I use this mask after I shampoo, condition, and detangle leave it for 5 mins then rinse it. I use it every two weeks because it says its for damage colored hair so it contains more oils, and antioxidants than common masks. I’ve never colored my hair but I always look for masks that enhance my hair color because I like for my hair color to glow naturally. Shea Moisture is one of my favorite brands because of the natural ingredients they contain, and I recommend this mask 100% for any hair type. Just use it at a certain rate that suits your hair type. Know of any great hair masks out there comment below? Make sure to start your research on how to hydrate your hair this summer!



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