When someone says do you have a journal, people are quick to believe its a diary where they keep their top secrets, crushes, and gossip. However, that is not what journaling is about. Keeping a journal is a book where you write your memorable events, challenges, and self-development. I started keeping a journal since I was in high school. At first, it was a drag to even get myself to write in it because I didn’t really know what was worth writing, or reflecting on in the future years. However, I soon came to realize there didn’t have to be a certain structure, or pattern. I finally decided that I wanted to write about the first time I went to places, the challenges and success I encounter along the way; and how I kept changing or growing as an individual. Ever since I narrowed down what I want my journal to be about, it has been an adventure, and something I really enjoy doing. The benefits of journaling are knowing yourself better, reducing stress, being able to solve problems, and clarify your thoughts/feelings. It might seem stressful to feel like you have to document everything but its not if you only do it when you think its necessary to write it down. Remember if you journal what your experiencing in life today, you can reflect in later years and see how much you’ve grown mentally, and emotionally. Get a journal in Tjmaxx where you can find them under $15, and start telling your story.


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