How to Stay Organized in College..

The beautiful fashionable planner pictured above is the 17 month agenda by ‘I Am Very Busy.’ It was difficult deciding which planner was the best for my busy schedule. I am very picky with planners because I want something that represents me so I am more motivated to


planner 2

open my planner, and write in it. If I have a dull planner, I will most likely not pay attention to it, and hope I remember an upcoming commitment. The ideal planner for me is something creative, unique and that has enough resources that I can use to help me organize my life. I am not implying this is the best planner but it is one of the top planners. In college its difficult to stay organized, especially when you want to have a strong academic, personal, and social life. Having a planner allows you to write everything, and refer to it as much as you can. Digital organizers are great, but I personally prefer having a physical planner that I can bring anywhere with me. Planners I usually use for academics, or anything school related. I use my dry-erase calendar for meetings with advisers, birthdays, office hours, or family time. I use my phone calendar for personal appointments such as doctor appointments, or salon appointments. Even though its completely different outlets to organize my life, its useful becaplanner 3use it helps me separate my personal, and academic life. This is something that is common, that college students forget because were so caught up on getting a 4.0, that we forget to live our lives. So find what helps you be more organize, and do that but without forgetting to hangout with your friends and family. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding organization.


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