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Pre-Screening of Vibes After Dark

Thanks to The Young Picassos, I was able to be a part of a special event. The Young Picassos’s are a steel drum band with many Rutgers Students, and Alumni within the band. I attended their pre-screening event featuring their short film called, “Vibes After Dark”, which is scheduled to air on Valentines Day 2018. The pre-screening was a great event because it was hosted in a, “Music of the Caribbean,” class at Rutgers University. Being a student at Rutgers, this was a memorable experience because I had the opportunity to meet these talented individuals. It was great to see that they do more besides play the instruments they love, and it was amazing interacting with other bloggers and talented artists within the university I attend. We viewed the film twice to carefully analyze everything that was presented. I thought the film was very unique, and creative because everything was occurring with their


music in the background. It was different because the actors, and actresses weren’t talking throughout the film they were just acting with the music playing throughout every scene. Being a part of the audience I was able to connect with the characters on many levels because the music guided me through the story. It was a memorable experience, and I hope to be a part of many events involving this great band. Mark your calendars so you can see this great film, and follow these talented individuals on Instagram @theyoungpicassos.


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