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Life Without Social Media Part 1

On February 5th, I decided to take 3 weeks away from social media. Living without social media is not something impossible for me because I personally do not enjoy social media. If I do post its because I’m on the bus, or waiting for someone so I use it to entertain myself as I wait. I wanted to do an experiment on how much time I used on social media, and if it was beneficial to my personal growth/intellect. I currently major in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, and Spanish. I manage social media accounts for many organizations I’m apart of, so this made the experiment even more difficult. I was constantly exposed to it because of my major, and involvement on campus. It was suppose to last 3 weeks but I decided to do something different, and try the 3 weeks experiment in the summer when I could be away from everything. Now I make sure to manage all school related social media, but only access my personal account for 30 mins a day. Before this experiment, I was spending 2 hours on my social media accounts. Ever since February 5th when I started this adjustment to my lifestyle I’ve noticed so many new things. I am more aware of my surroundings, and I learned to enjoy every moment to the fullest because I’m not concerned about recording; or documenting it. I do love taking pictures so I continue to do that but I do keep it in my camera roll where I can personally reflect on that memory. If I’m hanging out with my friends I put my phone away, and give them my full attention because I noticed we forget that any moment could be our last, instagram/Twitter/Snapchat will always be there. I plan on continuing this lifestyle, and posting as minimum as possible so when someone meets me they don’t already know me from what I’ve presented on social media. Thank you for supporting me, try to put your phone away and pay attention to your own personal life. You’ll realize how much your life flourishes, how much you appreciate everything and everyone that means most to you!


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