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My New Favorite Facial Sunscreen

Once I felt the warmer days arrive, I decided to look for a lightweight sunscreen that would protect my face 100%. I have adjusted my lifestyle into changing all my products to organic, and cruelty free. I decided to make this change because I realized the harmful ingredients my products in the past contained. Its… Continue reading My New Favorite Facial Sunscreen

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Life Without Social Media Part 1

On February 5th, I decided to take 3 weeks away from social media. Living without social media is not something impossible for me because I personally do not enjoy social media. If I do post its because I'm on the bus, or waiting for someone so I use it to entertain myself as I wait.… Continue reading Life Without Social Media Part 1

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Pre-Screening of Vibes After Dark

Thanks to The Young Picassos, I was able to be a part of a special event. The Young Picassos's are a steel drum band with many Rutgers Students, and Alumni within the band. I attended their pre-screening event featuring their short film called, "Vibes After Dark", which is scheduled to air on Valentines Day 2018.… Continue reading Pre-Screening of Vibes After Dark

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Why did I change my Skincare products?

My skin is different depending on the weather. I don't have acne-prone skin so it alters by in the summer it's combination oily/normal, and in the colder weather its combination dry/normal. As the temperature started dropping my skin started feeling tight, and too dry. I kept using the same skincare products I was using in the… Continue reading Why did I change my Skincare products?


How to Stay Organized in College..

The beautiful fashionable planner pictured above is the 17 month agenda by 'I Am Very Busy.' It was difficult deciding which planner was the best for my busy schedule. I am very picky with planners because I want something that represents me so I am more motivated to   open my planner, and write… Continue reading How to Stay Organized in College..